Antenna Web Page

Help for Operators/Users

This web page can be accessed with the following link , at the top right of the page you can see the last update time of the page (UTC), please be aware that this time should change every few seconds (normally 2 seconds). The rest of the page is very similar to the layout that you had in the so called "color monitor" and are values that every operator should understand. In case of problems updating the information, the web page will give you a red message with the amount of minutes without connection to the server.

If you need to access the old web page you can connect to file://ncsServer/mrt/ncs/monitor/antenna.html in mrt-lx6, BUT THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

System Architecture

A new docker container has been created for this application, this container can be used in the future for other apps. The source code files can be found at: mrt-lx0:/root/containers/webservices/antenna or in our Gitlab:

Some extra libraries have been used for implementing the javascript code:

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