We have written a CLASS procedure called "calib_evol.class" that allows us to follow the time evolution of some calibration results throughout an observing session for a certain project, day, and EMIR subband. For example, it may help us in exploring the Tsys dependence with the antenna elevation, or the variation along the day of the estimated amount of water vapor.

We should connect to operator@mrt-lx3, and go to the directory:


Once there, we execute CLASS and load the procedure with the following parameters:

LAS> @calib_evol xxx-yy backend subband date first_scan last_scan 

For example, the procedure call below...

LAS> @calib_evol 120-19 FTS E1HLI 20200105 106 0

... will generate the following graph, where for each scan number we plot:

The frequency in the header corresponds to the rest frequency of the central channel.

Some calibration results per scan number

Note: The origin of this procedure was to investigate possible interferences that increased abruptly Tsys (see 5-Jan-2020 operator reports).

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