Discussion: New Organization

With the experience of NCS running for about six months we plan to reorganize disk space. This chapter discusses what to do in the future.

We have two mayor requests:

Known problems

Any new organization has to take the following known problems into account:

Requirements (draft)

File Server

Project directories (/vis) shall be kept physically not on mrt-lx1 but on a second file server. DONE, /vis is now on mrt-lx3.

Fallback project

A fallback project shall be defined (name ?) that resides on mrt-lx1 only. This project shall allow obervations just with mrt-lx1 being available (not needing mrt-lx2, -lx3). This also might require that we keep /ncsdefaukt on mrt-lx1 .

Permanent Projects

Some projects can stay permanently on disk (pointing, local users). However, we should be more restrictive:


Backup of these projects will be made as part of the monthly/yearly backup.

Visitor Projects

Backup for Visitors

Visitors can request a copy of project files on CD, DVD, Memory stick, or usb disk. Exceptionally it would also be possible to put them on LTO. DAT will not be supported in the future. Several computers will allow to mount a memory stick or usb-disk:

Backup for IRAM

For projects that have finished:

Project removal

Keeping finished projects

Project files can stay on disk upon request by the PI. Initially the files then will stay 3 more months. The request shall indicate an email address for contacts. Extensions can be requested by the PI.

Pool Projects




The design is under construction.


On host mrt-lx1, we will have the following data:


On host mrt-lx3, we will have the following data:

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