(2021-04-30, JS) Note: Instructions provided by AS for restarting the creation NIKA2 IMBFTS (with slight modifications)

$ slogin nika2@nika2-a

"The rest of the instructions are in the READMEmakeimbf", but, anyhow:

Version 3 of the DAQ use:

$ cd ~/NIKA/Processing/NIKA_lib_V3_IRAM/Readdata/Python/

needed once per session

$ useNCS

Stop any make_imbfits_from_file#.py sessions, should be 2 or 5

$ ps xa |grep make_imbfits_from_file



Check the output out_1, out_2 Thats mostly it what you need. At present data is written to a local drive


and then rsynced to the ISILON every 5 minutes


(as seen e.g.from mrt-lx3)

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