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This page contains information for the operator at the IRAM 30m telescope that helps to monitor the NCS computer system performance and the network. It is the basis of the Operator Training unit ComputerSystemMonitoring.


Network seems to be slow

There can be many reasons for the network to be slow or to seem slow. The operator shall do some tests in order to analyze the problem:

Monitoring Overview


The Icinga software checks:

For the NCS, see the NCS monitor web page, there check that all the counters at the top are set to zero.

The state of a checked item is indicated by a number below different columns:

Computer System Monitoring

Monitor tasks -- top

Disk space -- df

Other commands

There are more standard tools to monitor systems, operator should know its basic use, check with man <command>:

Graphical Tools

Graphical tools might help to see trends:

Other Linux shell commands

that can be useful, the operator shall know the basic function

Help on linux

There exists a vast amount of information, tutorials, HOWTOs, etc. on the web.

Monitor Network

Check network connections -- ping

In case of problems with the network, use the ping command to check reachability:

Basically, all computers monitored by bigBrother could be checked with ping. Whereas bigBrother only "pings" every 5 minutes, manual ping show more detailed information (packet loss, delays, ...).

Internet Name Resolution

Internet name resolution (DNS) is essential for the functioning of the local and wide area network. For DNS, we have several servers (bind) running. These servers are watched by Icinga.

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