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Items TBD (To Be Done) and Requests for Coordinator

  1. by HU 2006-08-21:
    • review use of project ID from project account, selected observing queue, and pako's XML:
    • this has been modified / improved by WB in 2006-09, even so we should review this, in particular for "pools"
    • Current implementation:
      • jobs are always submitted from a project account (ex: 999-06) to its corresponding queue (ex: /ncsServer/mrt/ncs/observationQueues/999-06)
      • the scan data is always written into /vis/<queueName>/observationData/<date>/scans/<scanNr>

      • during onlineDataprocessing, the directiry used depends on:
        • if a projectID has been specified in the observartion specification and /vis/<projectID> exists: use the project dorectories

        • else if /vis/<queueName> exists: use the queue directories

        • else: use default directory
    • Example: For herapool observation under project herapool, a different projectID is given for an observation:
      • the scan data is written into /vis/herapool/...
      • MIRA uses /vis/<projectID> for file spectraOdp.30m and the plots.

    • To do:
      • In a case as given in the example, we run into the problem that the plots are not reachable via link /vis/currentProjects . I suggest to have two links: currentProject and currentQueue which in the case of the example given would link to different directories. The plots would then be reachable vis link currentProject.
  2. Request by HU 2006-08-16:
    • Review security feature so that VLBI special functions in paKo and coordinator work only for authorized accounts. More generally, mechanism to allow certain features only in privileged accounts.

      Comment WB: We could implement to assign rights to projects and for certain functions check that right. Implementing this should not be very complicated.

  3. Request by HU 2006-08-16:
    • Continue tracking of source for "x" seconds after end of scan -- if there is no next observation (scan) in the queue.

      Comment WB: We should check if we can add a "tack" command after the last subscan that we cancel when the next scan starts. For a first test: sw modificatiions on the run, maybe 2 hours of tests.

  4. Request by HU 2006-08-16:
    • Warning for low % of effective time in subscans, i.e., when < 70%. Prepared

  5. Request by HU 2006-10-4:
    • Warning if ABS(tracking errors) > 1" for more than n seconds between backOnTrack message and end of subscan. Prepared

  6. Request by HU 2006-08-16:
    • Warning when the antenna goes close to the sun. Compare next item: warning when reaching azimuth and elevation limits.
  7. Request by HU 2006-07-03:
    • Build into the NCS monitoring a warning when the antenna is at extreme elevation or azimuth (let's say within 10 degrees of the limits) and an alarm when it gets close to the limits (let's say within 1 degree!). This warning/alarm mechanism could/ should probably be based on the (slow) antenna trace data sent as messages and used for monitoring. The warning should already be activated when the antenna goes to the source, i.e., it should be based on the commanded azmimuth and elevation!
    • idea partly implemented by WB in 2006-09: changing color (yellow, red) in antennaDataStream window
    • TBD: alarms!
  8. Request by HU 2006-02-20 based on Operator's report 2006-02-17:
    • alarm/warning if HERA derotator approaches limits during running observations
  9. Request by HU 2006-02-11:
    • in project accounts, automatically move imbfits files from "yesterday" to subdirectory imbfits-yyyymmdd, where yyyymmdd is yesterday's date. This move could be done, e.g., at 2 or 6 hours past midnight. Rationale: to keep the number of imbfits files in a directory to at most a few hundred (faster for MIRA), and make listings of the data files at the system level easier to read.
  10. TBD: discuss start of "new" .30m files for ODP, e.g., every day or when a certain size is reached.
  11. TBD: check and optimize stopping and starting of beam switch chopper

Items done

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