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Items TBD / Requests for Monitoring

  1. decided in NCS review meetings: use web page monitoring only for "click-once" purposes, not for monitroing that needs fast, regular, reliable updating.

    Comment wb: let us please review this, example: do we really no want the ODP plots to be reloaded automatically ?

  2. consolidate essential monitoring info for observers in ONE WINDOW! 2005-12-27 (requested by visitors, AODs, CT)
    • preferred solution: Python tool / antenna MD data stream viewer
    • scan info display per HTML in web browser is often too slow with fully loaded system

      [comment from several observers] [2006-01-05 HU]. Comment wb: time goes by, things should have improved since, but we also have the option to surpress progress messages and just display scan info overview in the html page.

    • SM. 2005-12-13 The file:/ncsServer/mrt/ncs/monitor/scanInfo.html webpage is fairly slow and therefore inefficient. Apparently, the computer is overloaded. Additionally there are too many windows to be opened. My suggestion would be to avoid the use of this web page. The information on the subscans is redundant (it also appears in the antennaDataStream window) and the information on the Scan, Project, Queue/Job, etc... could be also placed in the antennaDataStream window. Everything would be more compact and less confusing.
      COMMENT (HU): we will keep optimizing the monitoring displays; situtation is already improved by distributing load over several systems. Comment wb: as with other requests, maybe we should design the next version of monitoring.

    • put antenna data stream viewer back to horizontal layout [2006-08-18 HU]
      • eliminate need for scanInfo WWW display (keep it optional and for remote supervision!)
      • make font and size an option that can be costumized

      Comment wb: I can work on that in week 2006-12-11... (TT)

    • review and improve reliability of messages in antenna data stream viewer [2006-08-16 HU]
      • display of subscans start/ stop in antenna data stream viewer is not reliable [2006-01-05 HU]
      • (./) improved by WB in 2006-08

      • AS want to limit progress message (ex: drop subscan done messages) to see more.
    • copy of this display in dining area and at IRAM Granada: Comment wb: long waiting project that di not yet get off the ground. I had given thgis to co-workers, but maybe the boss has to take over.

  3. review and improve text display tool for paKo [2006-08-16 HU]
    • error when starting with large file
    • top line is not usable
    • sometimes hang up (provide easy way to restart /recover!)
    • speed (is slow!)

      Comment wb: I have to review details

  4. TBD: text and web display of "results" from heterodyne data processing (MIRA) [2006-08-16 HU]
    • calibration
    • pointing
    • focus
    • tip

    Comment wb: all ODP/Mira output is written into file $ncsLog/odpMira.log. wb,hw plan to restrict output

    • to make a tail -f of this file earier to read. The final solution is not yet designed.

  5. log tools, e.g., to extract summary log (PDF, print) of observations [2006-08-16 HU]
    • maybe via data base [proposal / design CT]

    Comment wb: discussion has started.

  6. display of currently executing scan; requested by various observers, e.g., Axel W. [2006-03-24 HU]
    • could use special instance of pako and pakoDisplay, extract pako script from XML, use diferent background color to distinguish from user's pakoDisplay, ...

    Comment wb: I have to check details.

  7. monitoring display of weather data 2005-12-27 (requested by CT)

    Comment wb: Weather data messages are stored in a database. It would require somebody to transfer this into plots (like tau meter?). Waiting for somebody.

  8. permanently running display of L.A.S.T. (independent of other NCS subsystems). 2005-12-27 (requested by visitors)
    • LAST is included in antMD data stream viewer, but depends on that running! It is also displayed by XEphem, which we normally have running anyhow. We could have a truly independent display of LAST, maybe also some other general info: UT, local time, ...

    Comment wb: I will check, maybe we should have a window with big letters indicate LST plus a few more items.

  9. in telescopeInfo (receiver.html): add units [km/s] after velocities; display "ambient load" with fewer digits and convert to [K]; call it "ambient load temperture" 2005-11-14 HU

    Comment wb: I will do this and also supress a table realted to the OCS.

Items Done

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