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Revisions of Antenna Mount Drive (antMD) software

How to switch to fallback version

NOTE: To be sure that there is no version mixup, these commands should only be entered after a reboot of vac1 and before loading any antenna control software.

Test Version 2011-01-04

Development Version 2010-09-03

Current Version 2008-10-24

antenna -> /home/master/antenna.20081024/

Intermediate Revision 2008-05-31

Previous Revision 2008-05-07

[root@vac1 /root]# ls -l /control/
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root           29 Jul 29 17:14 antenna -> /home/master/antenna.20080507

Previous Revision 2007-06-15

antenna -> /home/master/antenna.20070615/

Previous Revision 2007-04-26

 antenna -> /home/master/antenna.20070426/

Revision 2007-03-16

antenna -> /home/master/antenna.20070316/

Revision: 2006-09-25

antenna -> /home/master/antenna.25Sep06

Revision: 2006-07-11

This revision implements the correction (software patch) for the "bell" effect bug, it has been applied directly to pointingCorrection() on vlab1 without any change to sunLimit().

Revision: 2006-06-29

Major revision by Alain Perrigouard. See: RevisionsAntennaMountDrive20060629

Revision: 2006-06-06

This revision includes writing debug information to the antmd datastreams.

Revision: 2006-05-30

This revision includes the possibility to write debug information into the antmd datastreams.

Revision: 2006-04-05

Starting at about 17:00 local time we went to a modified version of ant MD see the notes AP and GP below! We did some simple tests (cal, pointing, focus, onoff, otfmap) after this change and we are staying with this version for observations. (we do not expect any major changes for the execution of observing modes from this change!) -- HU

... we have now in the share memory area the elements int xAccel for az and el. az.xAccel and el.xAccel are used to set Ax, the acceleration step, in onePPS.c. They are set to their new default values, 20480, with the new configuration file config.30M. dmpAntenna prints these new variables. -- Alain Perrigouard

add some code to evItSlow on vac1 that will send the antenna trace data as network messages in addition to the current file write. The overhead should be negligible. This way I can work on the receiving end without being noticed. -- Gabriel


During the TT NCS we did final tests of the "3rd version" of the Antenna Mount Drive (antMD) software. (1st, 2nd, and 3rd version are explained in an email by AP 2006-02-08)

This version implements the "smooth transition trajectories" with a limit (maximum) on the acceleration.

The configuration parameter az.xDeltaMax was set to correspond to 600", the maximum acceleration was set (in the source code) to 0.05deg/s^2.

This version has been used for observations from after the TT NCS on 2006-03-06.

(JP, HU)

2005, November to 2006-03-06

"1st version" (email by AP 2006-02-08).

Note that this version had a bug, and was causing high acceleration and a (anti)backlash-problem.

This version was used for observations from November 2005 to the beginning of the TT NCS on 2006-03-06.

Other versions and configurations of antMD were tested in TT NCS 2006, January to March.

(JP, HU)

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