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How to start the openoffice application for the planning of the rooms

Using ssh connection

slogin as user plan at a linux computer, preferably at mrt-lx2, and run the command ./plan (or the alias pl). The application is an openoffice spreadsheet that YOU HAVE TO save and CLOSE after your modifications.

montalba@mrt-lx5:~$ slogin's password: 
plan@mrt-lx2:~$ ./plan
Please, enter the year you want to edit [default 2007]: 


Using VNC connection

We have a VNC Server at mrt-lx2:90, under user hello, same password, where a desktop icon has been defined to automatically open the application. To connect to this VNC server use the following command from your local terminal on linux, or use vncviewer from MS Windows.

vncviewer mrt-lx2:90

If nothing comes, go to the next section.

Please, when you have finished, do not forget to close the openoffice window before closing your vnc window

The same setup, a VNC Server at mrt-lx2:96, has been defined for user franzin.

In case you cannot start it

Often, when you are starting the application from a terminal by running ./plan, the program informs you that it is locked by other user, who started it at "some" time.


Now the application should start, though maybe it will ask you to recovery the document. Say OK.

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