Computer System User Guide


Note: we use the term


This document shall contain information (or link to) on how to use the IRAM Spain computer system. This document is incomplete (maybe forever) but its contents shouldbe up-to-date.


Computer to use

Please note that we distinguish between:

To connect to a server, you shold normally

You find a table of the computers we offer in ComputerToUse

Computer Accounts

I am working on specifying rules of using the IRAM computer equipment. I am planning to base it partly on rules worked out by CERN ( and in case of doubt please follow the spirit of the rules given there and/or contact me (WB).

File Access Policy

Software Available

Besides standard Debian we have also installed


Wireless Local Area Network

Webservers and Wikis

Web Servers

We have the following web servers:


Other Services

Access from Internet

You can access the network via our entry point We support

Please note: that we run a black-list software that might block access from a specific IP address after several login failures. Contact in case of problems


You can use sftp and tunnel to user system,

x2go - X11 remote desktop

x2go is a X-Window desktop server. You can connect via x2goclient to . The x2goclient exists for Linux, MS-Windows, and MacOS, link.


See details .

Own Cloud

based on owncloud (files local on, see IramEsCloudStorage

VPN (Virtual private network)

Users can connect to the network using a VPN. You can find more information and how to install it in the following link: OpenVPNSetup.

Issue Tracking

The computer group manages its activities via issue tracking systems. We currently have:

Note: local users can read the issues. If you want to have write access, contact

E-Mail System

E-Mails we receive ( are "cleaned" by a software called Lavadora. You can check the e-mail filters they apply for you via .

We have a set of e-mail aliases defined:

Related wiki pages (need review):



We have scanner in Granada and at the observatory connected to MS-Windows computers. Link is out-of-date.

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