TauMeters: Integration into the NCS


This page describes the integration of the taumeters into the NewControlSystem (NCS). The new taumeter is used but the old taumeter is kept as a fallback.

User Guide

Plots of Tau

The data of the taumeter can be seen seen on:

Operation Guide

Restart the control software

The following pages describe how to restart the taumeter control software:

Restarting the taumeter web page plot

After a restart/reboot of mrt-lx1 or if the plots are not updated, a possible solution is to restart the DB-feeder with the script tauToDB as user root@mrt-lx1:

    cd /etc/init.d/tcs.d/ 
    ./tauToDB stop  (wait 10s.)
    ./tauToDB start

Technical Guide

New Taumeter

Monitor Taumeter Control Software

The start up page new taumeter also gives information on how to monitor the functioning of the taumeter.

Integration into the NCS

Old Taumeter

Integration into the NCS


telescopeStatus weather.tau

weather.tau.fit                0.994001
weather.tau.sigma              0.089031
weather.tau.tau                0.586441
weather.tau.timeStamp          2013-04-26T10:36:45.431
weather.tau.version            1.2 (new)

Scenario: How to switch between taumeters (only control software)

In principle, the control computers of both taumeters can run at the same time. However, it has to be assured that only the right taumeter delivers data to the NCS:

# under root@mrt-tauMeterMonitor:
cd /usr/local/bin
ln -svb tauMeterSendNo.sh tauMeter.sh


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