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Telescope Control without Moving Antenna

Some observing modes can be used without moving the antenna, There are two possibilities:

Use Telescope Control in "Special Mode"

last checked: 2009-10-07 (wb,hu)

You can restart the telescope control in a special mode that does not send any command to [AntennaMountDrive] .

For those observing modes where the duration of a subscan is controlled by AntennaMountDrive, the duration is fixed to 30 sec.

In order to use this special mode, do under account mrt@mrt-lx1:

cdCoordinator                   # set def directory
./goKill                        # stop current control processes
export ncsAntennaMDOffline=yes  # set environment variable ncsAntennaMDOffline to anything you like

To get back to normal observations with antenna mount drive:

unset ncsAntennaMDOffline


Put Axes in "Manual Control Mode"

Anchor(ManualControl Another possiblity is that the operator puts the control of axes az,el in manual mode. This mode does NOT require export ncsAntennaMDOffline=yes In this case, only observing modes that do not need antennaMD for their synchronization can be used. The only observing mode currently possible is a calibration without sky.

Bolometer absorber maps

Put the telescope control in the "special mode" described above.

/!\ Don't forget to remove completely the absorber (one part can be left inside) to start astronomical observations.

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