NCS Tracking Monitor


The "NCS TrackingMonitor" displays tracking information of azimuth and elevation at the end of a scan. It is based on the IMBFits files, supporting all receivers.

User Guide

The TrackingMonitor software supports two modes:


Usually 2 plots a produced:

The tracking inside a subscan is shown in blue, outside in grey If the tracking is above 2 or below -2 sec of arc, it is shown in red. Overplotted in the first plot we also shown the AZ-/EL-trackFlag, drawn in red symbols. These flags take the values -1, 0, 1 are drawn as -4, 0, 4. 1 means the telescope is tracking, 0 otherwise. -1 should not happen, it means the trace was not written, i.e. it was not set.

To use in operator console:

to see flags info:

se puede parar el programa con kill pid

or to monitor:

se puede parar el programa con kill pid


Technical Guide

Generate tracking plots (.pdf) at the end of a scan

Program is started at boot time and generates tracking plots at the end of scans. The program runs permanently and is monitored by BigBrother. It uses /ncsServer/mrt/ncs/var/work/plotTracking as working directory to write the .pdf plot files.

Link 30mTrackingLast-1.pdf is a hardlink to the last plot.


Monitoring is done on the monitoring VNC mrt-lx1:26. It uses gv to show the plots.

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