Host: gra-lx1


Virtual machine running most of its services in containers using Docker.

Operational notes

Reboot of mrt-lx1

Host gra-lx1 is currently hosting several important docker containers

Before rebooting

Check that there is no backup job running using the bconsole command.

After rebooting

Check that all the containers were started successfully.


It is a virtual machine and it could be started by any of the hosts in the virtualization cluster.

Technical Notes

System Updates


The cron script for munin (/usr/bin/munin-cron) has been adapted. See Munin

Installed software

Installed software, make sure the software is ported when reinstalling, upgrading.

host: gra-lx1

What should be working on this computer (Checklist after an upgrade or reinstallation)


NFS client with automount

DNS secondary

Icinga agent

CUPS Server

apache server

mysql sever and databases

Services in Docker containers

Install docker and docker-compose in the server.



OCS Inventory


Library web database


Relay e-mail server


  1. In order to configure the new server, I got the parameters by hand from the old computer to the new one for /etc/postfix/
  2. Copy from old computer /etc/postfix/: transport, sasl_passwd
  3. postmap /etc/postfix/transport
  4. postfix reload
  5. Edit or get /etc/aliases and execute "newaliases"


Review git repository for modified config files

  1. Run: git log or git diff <filename>

rsyslog server configuration


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