host: mrt-lx2 , alias: mrt-astro1, mrt-enter, mrt-user1

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2009-03-11 Debian update to Lenny (rmm,wb)

Debian update from Etch to Lenny. New kernel installed. Mysql and apache deinstalled.

2009-03-10 new interface for external SATA disks (mm)

Installed an interface for external SATA disks.

2008-06 root password rmm

Root password changed to the old one to allow TAPAS people to configure mysql server and others !! 2008/Aug: root password restored to the current one.

2007-09-06 2nd ethernet if used (wb,rmm)

We defined the second ethernet if eth1 to use address . However, when connecting to a switch it mrt-lx2 uses an dhcp address for eth1. We leave this for now.

We installed wireshark and can use eth1 to monitor ethernet traffic. eth1 is currently connected to port 47 on mrt-switch and this port is configured to monitor port 48 of the same switch which connects to mrt-linkSwitch, the switch used for radiolinks. By that we can monitor traffic between mrt and ugr/gra .

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