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Current problems

Operation Notes (for Operators)

Reboot of mrt-lx3

Host mrt-lx3 is the central server for many other computers. Avoid reboots as much as possible. Get into contact with computer group staff before rebooting.

Before rebooting

The telescope control has to be stopped. Inform the local users that mrt-lx3 will be rebooted.

After rebooting

Nothing special.

End of Operational Notes

Application processes started during boot

Note: processes are started via /etc/rc.local or scripts called from there. The processes are monitored by Icinga


Icinga process monitoring

Icinga checks if the following processes are running:

# last rev: 13-07-16 wb

# Tapas datafiller (essential for NCS)

# ODP (essential for NCS)

# Synchronize /vis to ProjectArchive (added 13-06-03 wb) (essential for NCS)
#   doc:

# Processes for system (critical for system)
mrt-lx3:mysqld ypbind nfsd mountd portmap cron ntpd apache bbrun

For software docs, see, ex: .

To Do






2010-03-30: /tmp partition formatted as ext3

Due to several problems when the /tmp partition becomes full because big printer jobs, the partition was reformatted to ext3 filesystem instead of ext2. During the format process it was specified to look for bad blocks without warnings.

2010-02-16: switch from eth1 to eth0

Since 2006, eth1 was used instead of eth0 for whatever reason. Switched back to eth0 (2010-02-16 wb).

2007-11-20: RAID disk failure

On 2007-11-20, the RAID ctr detected errors with one disk drive and uses the hotswap disk.

2008-10-07: upgrade from Sarge to Etch

The upgrade was smoothly. The questions about how pools were going to respond to php and mysql updates have a positive answer for herapool, and not known yet for bolo pool.

2008-11-11: /users full

mrt-lx3:/users full: /dev/mapper/mrt_vg_a10-lvol1, 200GB. Using free partition (mrt_dataOCS) /dev/mapper/mrt_vg_a10-lvol3, 500GB, for /users. rsync used to copy.

2009-03-12: prepared as backup for primary DNS

What should be working on this computer (Checklist after an upgrade or reinstallation)

NFS client with automount

Icinga client


CUPS Server

apache server + SSL

mysql sever and databases


syslog configuration

logrotate configuration


linux backups

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