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Operational notes

VNC Server Missing

During mrt-lx4 reboot, several vncserver processes are started (see the list below under #reboot). Under root@mrt-lx4 check file /etc/init.d/vncServers on how processes are started and stopped and execute the corresponding program. Examples:

export NR="32"
ps uxa | grep vnc | grep ":$NR"
su - remote -c "vnc4server -kill :$NR"  # kill vncserver (test)
su - remote -c "find /tmp/.X$NR* -user remote -exec rm -v {} \;" # remove lock files
su - remote -c "vnc4server :$NR -geometry 1200x920 -alwaysshared -name test" # start vncserver test

Note: "geometry" is different for some VNCs

To start all vnc in a raw do (in mrt-lx4:/etc/init.d) :


Check also ReadMe.txt icon.


See also [ Last Snapshot]

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